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Machine booking

As of January 2017, we're dropping Skedda as a booking system for our machines. We are replacing it with a shared Google calendar. The setup is basic for now, but we'll be able to build a more sophisticated access layer that takes courses etc. into account in the future.

To book a machine at Bitraf, you need to do this:

  1. Get the proper training for the machine you want to use
  2. Be a paying Bitraf member if you want to use the laser cutter or CNC mill
  3. Join our Google group:!forum/bitraf
  4. Click the "Booking av Bitrafs maskiner" link at the top of the group
  5. Reply yes when asked if you want to join the booking calendar

Please note that it will take a few minutes after registerering in the Google Group for you to get permission to setup a booking.


To book, simply add an event to the Bitraf booking calendar. However, for a booking to be valid, it has to include the following info: - The name of the machine you're booking (see the bottom of the post for the machine names) - Your name, including first and last name (no nicknames, please, not everyone knows your nickname) - Your phone number

This info is important to ensure things work as smoothly as possible. Use the phone numbers to coordinate if you or anyone else is running late.

Machine names

  • Shopbot
  • Laser cutter
  • 3D-printer BoxBot
  • 3D-printer YarrBot
  • 3D-printer NotBot