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Bitraf has many machines that can be dangerous to both the user and others if used incorrectly. To prevent incorrect use, special training is required for these tools. When training is completed, you'll be added to the group of people (organised as "Circles") that can access this tool.

If you have taken the required course, but are not in the circle - please contact one of the Circle admins. Ask a fellow Bitraf'er who can help you. Initially, only the laser cutters have access control, but all dangerous tools will have this eventually.

Checking out a tool

All tool locks should have a visual feedback telling the state of it. Look for a large (10mm) LED. The color tells the state of the tool:

  • Green LED, tool is not checked out
  • Red LED, tool is checked out. If not checked out by you, claim it before you start using the tool
  • LED off, the device has lost its connection. Try turning the device on/off.
  • Blue blink, close the door when ready

To checkout a tool, go to!/tool. DO NOT check out a tool "just to test" or to show people UNLESS you are physically present and know the tool is not in use. For now, the system is set up so that anyone can take control over a tool at any time. Taking over a tool such as the laser cutter while it is in operation will physically stop it from lasing and can thus potentially destroy the material and work that others have done. They will however know who did it as all tool checkin and checkout is logged.

If you absolutely want to test how the system works, please use the "Test-tool" since this will not affect the other tools.

Returning a tool

When you finished using a tool, make sure you return it both physically and in the [checkout system]. The laser will automatically return itself when it starts up, but feel free to do it when you finished cutting also. That way you won't get the blame if someone after you destroys something?

F.A.Q. & Troubleshooting

Q: I checked out the laser but the color of the LED is still Green (= not checked out.)

A1: The laser needs to be powered when you check it out online, or it will not know. Check it out again after powering it up with the key!

A2: Please do not double-click the button when checking out. In general, no buttons on the web is set up for double-clicking. You can also verify that the Tool did Checkout by just reloading the page to refresh the log at the end of the page.

Q: I do not know if I am in the laser circle. How can I check it?

A: To check if you are in the laser circle, use this page and scroll to laser-certified. To see who can add you to a circle, look for the accompanying circle name postpended with instructor (i.e. laser-instructor).