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Pump control with arduino. Primarily for watering of plants but feel free to hack it and find other uses.


We envision that this packet will be the common pump control start kit for several different plant growing projects at bitraf.


We have decided to start with building a simple shield card for the arduino microcontroller.

The plan

The plan for the version 1.0 of the "Bitraf Green Card is:


  • Arduinio UNO, since we sell them at bitraf
  • Assorted components
  • 2 of 12V pumps
  • 2 soil moisture sensors (tons are available online, see example)

In and outputs

  • 2 outputs 12V >1A outputs to drive two pumps
  • 2 input sockets for 4 pin soil moisture sensors
  • 12V input


  • Independent for the two pumps and sensors
    • Pump water for a preset intervall at preset intevalls
    • Detect if soil is moist or dry with a adjustable moisture level (trim-screw)
    • Possibility to choose not to pump depending on if the soil is dry or not
  • Reprogrammable via USB

"Examples of use; check once per 24h or every 5 seconds"

Later possible features

  • 230V relay for light control with timer
  • LCDisplay output
  • Logging of soil moisture levels over time (USB brodcast)
  • Battery backup for data logging
  • Wireless
    • Data gathering
    • Tuning
    • Reprogramming
    • 230V light control (relay)


Prototype build #1

We achieved automatic watering of plants in soil at Bitraf 22/1-2015 with version v1.0 of the Bitraf Green Card on a breadboard!

Beta.jpg Plate.jpg

Shield prototype #1

Work is proceeding to make an arduino shield.

Green1.JPG Green2.JPG