2019-06-17 kl.19:00 Carpenters Workshop erfaringsutveksling og brainstorm v2

…new date since the earlier date was a red day…

Hey experienced woodworkers!

After starting the discussion involving the sharing of experience and knowledge, the challenge of fulfilling the potential of the Carpenters Workshop is well under way!

Massive thanks to everyone who attended for your hard work, ideas and future intentions.

In v2 of this meetup we will see how the changes we have made have affected the use of the workshop, and further develop the ideas and actions set from Meetup v1.

If you missed the first meetup, no worries, just expect to have to get your hands and clothes a bit dirty, as we will be actioning ideas.

Prior experience of woodworking is great, to hear best practice which has been shown to work, rather than just theory from ideas.

There will be future meet ups where we will build and continue to improve all aspects of the room.

This is not a beginners course in woodworking, and will not give any additional access to tools in the workshop.

Thanks and see you soon!