2019-04-09 kl.18:00 A practical introduction to the Automatic Pick and Place machine

Bitraf has an automatic Pick and Place machine of type SmallSMT for doing PCB assembly. The name does not do it justice, it’s a very capable machine that can can handle down to 0201 components and up to 100 feeders.

Øyvind and Elias have updated the B-timer to use an STM32F070 microcontroller, so it is now an ARM Cortex M0 core and it can be flashed via USB.

During the course we will learn to set up a new PCB and each contestant will learn to:
– Add solder paste to the PCB using the pasta machine.
– Import component mount list (from KiCad or Eagle).
– Mount the PCB in the machine.
– Find the PCB origin and make sure the PCB is calibrated right.
– Set up a feeder and make sure components are picked correctly.
– Associate a component in the BoM to an integrated feeder and a cut strip feeder.
– Run a complete board place run.
– Inspect the board in the microscope.
– Re-flow the board in the re-flow oven.
– Mount through hole components and solder them.
– Program the board.

To cover the cost of the PCBs and components, each attendant can pay NOK 100,- with Vipps.